Music, even in situations of the greatest horror, should never be painful to the ear but should flatter and charm it, and thereby always remain music.
— Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Born and raised on the shores of South Florida, singer/songwriter/composer Matt Farr works to bring his music to the big screen. Getting started at a very young age, Matt was writing full songs by the age of 12 years old. With both parents musicians themselves (pianists) he quickly gravitated to the piano and later on to voice with both classical and jazz training. Throughout his high school years Matt formally performed with jazz bands and vocal ensembles as well as with numerous area rock groups. In addition to performing in a variety of shows, and winning band competitions, he landed his first professional gig a the age of 17 on Miami Beach.

In 1993 Matt attended the University of Miami’s prestigious Studio Music and Jazz program only to leave the school prematurely to pursue opportunities both on and off the stage.

In the years to follow Matt started and/or performed with numerous groups both locally and nationally across many genres of music. He briefly had the pleasure of collaborating and performing with well known contemporary christian artist Audrey Assad, as well as Starbucks - Concord Music recording artist Hilary McRae. In 1997 Matt’s collaboration with longtime friend and writing partner Craig Stevens called Vanilla Monk was featured in the Grammy award gift bags. Matt’s stylistic range was molded over the years by performing live at many different venues across South Florida, and spending over 10 years directing music ensembles.


In 2010 Matt’s first self titled solo album was released featuring long time friends Craig Barnette on drums and Eric Brigmond on organ. Both known for their work with JJ Grey and Mofro and Donavon Frankenreiter. Matt’s band has opened for acts such as The Family Stone, Five For Fighting, Pat Travers, Ryan Montebleau, The New Orleans Suspects, Sister Sparrow, and more.

Currently Matt’s time is spent focusing on collaborative writing projects and compositions for film/tv/games and other visual media. His works have recently been used in various independent projects and advertisements.

In a very competitive landscape of extremely talented composers, Matt’s goal is to standout both musically and personally to grow his filmography. Writing for film is a passion, and it takes a musical prospective that Matt feels he possesses and loves greatly.